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“The MonaLisa Touch is a solution for many women and it has a lot of advantages compared to other treatments available on the market. The feedback from my patients has been above and beyond what I had expected.”


Dr. Aliabadi, MonaLisa Touch Provider

“Millions & millions of women suffer from this, and unfortunately most of them suffer in silence”

Dr. Karram, MonaLisa Touch Provider

“I was so glad that I found a procedure that didn’t involve any chemicals, hormones, pharmaceuticals. To me that was something that was very important. That I found something that was natural, that wasn’t going to interfere with my body in any type of way.”

Lisa, MonaLisa Touch Patient

“This is something I would recommend for not only my family, but I would do myself and so because of that I definitely think that this is something I feel comfortable with for my patients.  The Mona Lisa Touch has really broken down that barrier so that they’ll feel comfortable with being intimate again.”

Dr. Valenton, MonaLisa Touch Provider

“The procedure is 5 minutes, maybe.. No pain involved”

Lori, MonaLisa Touch Patient

“I’ve treated now about 2000 women with Mona Lisa Touch since we brought it here with dramatic results It really is a game-changer! That really is a dramatic improvement in their quality of life”

Dr. Weiss, MonaLisa Touch Provider

“I can feel like I can have a full relationship. So, I feel like I don’t have to hold back anymore.”

Melinda, MonaLisa Touch Patient

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We want to make this game-changing procedure available to all women.

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